Doctoral Tutorials and Workshops

EFA holds two annual Doctoral Events: a Doctoral Tutorial and a Doctoral Workshop in August each year the day preceeding the Annual Meeting. In 2021, both events will be held online.

EFA Doctoral Tutorial (EFA-DT)

The competitive one-day Doctoral Tutorial in Finance (EFA-DT) is for selected students nearing the end of their doctoral thesis and is held the same day as the official opening of the EFA Annual Meeting.  In 2021, the  EFA-DT will be held online on Wednesday August 25 2021 in Milan, Italy.  Times will be confirmed in due course.

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EFA Doctoral Workshop (EFA-DW)

This one-day workshop will study the new FinTech area of digital currency and blockchains, which has become one of the fastest growing research areas in Finance. We will examine research into the architecture of distributed ledgers, decentralized consensus protocols, and smart contracts, as well as the governance issues connected to them. Uses of cryptocurrency in payments, entrepreneurial finance (ICOs), remittances, and capital market clearing and settlement will be explored. Additional sessions will consider research into the performance of digital assets as investments and the emergence of stablecoins as potential rivals to sovereign fiat currencies, among other topics. This EFA-DW will highlight the most important research published to date on these topics and look closely at emerging regulation and FinTech data sources.

The New Frontiers in Finance Doctoral Workshop in Finance (EFA-DW) educational series was established in 2017 for PhD students in their second or third year.  The focus topic of the Workshop changes each year (as do the chairs) – the aim being to explore lesser-known areas of Finance, and for leading scholars to provide a solid background for PhD students interested in pursuing research in these fields.   

In 2021, the  EFA-DW will be held online on  Tuesday, August 24, 2021 & Wednesday, August 25, 2021 3pm - 6.30pm CEST.

Doctoral Workshop Chair & Invited Speakers

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Chairs and Faculty

The current EFA-DT Co-Chairs are:

» Gyöngyi Lóránth (University of Vienna), lead co-chair
» Frans de Roon (Tilburg University)
» Esther Eiling (University of Amsterdam)
» Kristian Miltersen (Copenhagen Business School)

EFA gratefully acknowledges the invaluable contributions of those notable Faculty participants selected as subject-specialists for the EFA Doctoral Tutorial in Finance, who alongside the EFA-DT co-chairs generously volunteer their time and energy to share their professional expertise with up-and-coming PhD students by actively participating in this important EFA educational initiative – thereby helping to shape the future of the greater field of Finance.


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